Useful Tips For Cooking Foods With Less Carbohydrates

One of the best things about a low carb diet is the wide choice of food. While certain items are restricted, you can keep on eating many of your favorite meals and snacks simply by replacing high carb ingredients with low carb ones. Here are some helpful ideas for making tasty foods with less carbohydrates.

You can still enjoy muffins, cakes or cookies while on a low carb diet. Just bake them yourself using almond flour (ground almonds) in place of wheat flour. Almonds have traditionally been used by professional bakers to produce a flavorful, moist sponge. A typical blueberry muffin made with almond flour and sugar substitute contains about 3.5 grams of carbs.

If you have a sweet tooth, you don’t have to deprive yourself while low-carbing. A wide range of artificial sweetener products are available which can replace sugar in almost any recipe. Sweetener tablets are handy for coffee or tea. They can also be used to sweeten cold beverages or desserts. Simply dissolve the tablets in a little hot water. For baking, use a granulated product which can be measured like sugar.

Crepes are a convenient substitute for sandwiches or tortilla wraps. They can be made with less than one carb each. Put 100 grams of cream cheese in a bowl. Beat with an electric mixer until soft. Add four large eggs and continue beating to form a smooth batter. Pour a quarter of the mixture at a time into a lightly oiled frying pan and cook over medium heat. Crepes can be filled with deli meats, seafood, cheese or salads.

Make low carb soups, sauces and gravies by thickening them with yogurt or heavy cream rather than corn starch or flour. Cheese sauce is a great way to liven up vegetables or fish and is very easy to make. Pour about two tablespoons of cream into a pan over low heat. Gradually stir in grated cheese until the sauce reaches the perfect consistency.

Mashed potatoes are a familiar comfort food forbidden on low carb diets. Cauliflower puree made with plenty of seasoning and butter can be equally satisfying, especially when served to accompany roast meat and gravy. Cut the cauliflower into florets and boil until very tender. Transfer to a sieve or small-holed colander. Press with the back of a spoon to mash and drain the cauliflower simultaneously.