How To Preserve Food With the Atacama Deluxe Food Dehydrator

Everyone is more health conscious these days. They are trying to eat healthier, cut out processed foods and eat organic foods. Food preservation is a touchy topic because some food manufacturers use ingredients that are a bit sketchy when it comes to elongating the lifespan of their products. In many cases, traditional methods take away the nutritional value of the food. The Atacama Deluxe Food Dehydrator offers a different way to preserve foods.

The Atacama Deluxe Food Dehydrator allows you to preserve food while maintaining its flavour. No other ingredients are added to this process so it tastes just as good after it has been preserved because it doesn’t lose the flavours. It delivers the vast majority of foods with the same vitamins and minerals as the fresh foods. The flavours, nutrients and enzymes are remarkably concentrated with this form of food preservation.

This catering equipment has 6 stainless steel trays so you can dehydrate a number of food items in the one unit. It has 6 automatic programs which offer you versatile use in terms of dehydration and food preservation. It may have 6 trays but the dehydration process is even throughout this food dehydrator due to wide flow technology. All the food on the different levels will dehydrate at the same level.

The food dehydration process is quite simple because this unit does it all on its own so you don’t need any specific skills to dehydrate the food products. You can dehydrate tomatoes, onions, peas, plums, beef, chicken, and cheese, amongst others. It gives you the freedom to be creative with your food, so you could create unique and interesting dishes with the dehydrated food. In addition, you will reduce your wastage because dehydration extends the shelf life of the food. For added convenience, this catering equipment has a maintenance cycle at the end of each dehydrating process and it has an energy saving on/off safety switch.

The Atacama Deluxe Food Dehydrator is a more natural way to preserve food as it maintains flavour, doesn’t require preservatives, and keeps the nutrients and enzymes locked in the food. Many people throw food away so this is a great way to eliminate wastage in your kitchen. If you think about it, it could save you money too. The food dehydration process is a more effective way to preserve food especially if you are on a mission to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Gout Diet – Limit Foods With High Purine to Avoid Obesity

If you enjoy drinking beer or any other form of alcohol with your friends, or if you enjoy eating foods such as scallops, gravies, game meats, or liver and kidneys, then you might be in danger of developing gout. Gout is a disease characterized by sharp pains in joints and extremities caused by high levels of uric acid in the system. The uric acid in the system develops intro crystals that are then deposited on the joints which cause acute discomfort and pain. The foods mentioned previously are foods that contain high levels of purine, which becomes uric acid after being broken down in our body. So, if you consume those foods on a regular basis, you are in danger of developing gout.

If you want to avoid having the painful disease, then what you must do is cut back on the foods that contain high purine levels. Not only do you avoid developing the disease, you are also going to avoid being overweight or obese. What then should you eat? Check the tip list below:

* Aside from avoiding the foods already mentioned above, you can eat the following products in moderation: fresh or saltwater fish, poultry, mushrooms, whole-wheat products, eggs, spinach, and cauliflower.

* You can eat the following foods with no restriction: breads, cereals, nuts, vegetable soup, low fat cheese, sugar, gelatin, and fruit juices and teas.

* Drinking liquids can help lower the uric acid levels in your body. However, alcoholic beverages must be avoided.

* If you already feel like you have the disease or you feel inflammation in your joints, you can eat cherries or strawberries because they can help with the inflammation.

* If you miss meat, then tofu can be a good replacement.

There are many online websites and books that can teach you more about gout and how to prevent it. Just remember to stay away from foods that contain high purine. Not only do you escape the bane of the disease, you also escape being obese or overweight as well.

Sharing Food With Your Dog? Good Idea Or Not?

Sometimes we share food with our dogs on purpose; other times it is by accident. Some of the food that we eat is nutritious and good for dogs but, other food is potentially dangerous. So, it is important to understand what your dog should and should not eat. Below are some common foods that are good for dogs and some that are dangerous for dogs; however it is not meant to be a comprehensive list. As always, it is critical that you consult with your veterinarian prior to feeding your dog any new food.

Some Good Foods

o Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is safe treat for your dog in moderation. If you need to give your dog medication, it is a great way to disguise a pill.

o Cheese: Cheese is generally a safe and yummy treat for dogs in moderation.

o Popcorn: Popcorn is another good treat so long as it used in moderation. It is high in fiber. Air popped, without preservatives, is the safest kind.

o Carrots: Raw carrots are very healthy for dogs. Just be careful that they are thoroughly chewed to prevent choking and that your dog doesn’t fill up too much and refuse a well balanced diet.

Some Dangerous Foods

o Chocolate: While it might taste good, chocolate contains theo bromine which is potentially fatal for dogs. It is not a good idea to feed your dog chocolate in any amount. Even if it doesn’t kill the dog, chocolate will certainly cause restlessness and stomach problems.

o Nuts: Some nuts, such as macadamia nuts can cause severe muscle problems that may lead to paralysis. It is best to avoid nuts and nut products (with the notable exception of peanut butter).

o Bones: Cooked bones from roasts or poultry may seem like a good thing to give a dog, however, they can splinter and the sharp edges that splinter off can puncture a dog’s insides and cause significant problems.

o Grapes and Raisins: These healthy human foods may seem innocent enough. However, they can cause acute renal failure in dogs.

o Onions and garlic: These foods contain thiosulphate which is toxic for dogs.

In addition to not purposefully feeding your dog dangerous foods, you must take care not to leave these foods where your dog can get them. That means that children who are snacking on grapes or raisins must be carefully supervised if the family dog is close by and that desserts that are kept on the kitchen counter must be well out of reach.

When in doubt, always err on the side of not giving regular human food to your dog. Your dog gets all the nutrition that he or she needs from his dog food. Human food may be supplemented, however it should be done with caution and it should never be substituted for dog food. It is best used as a special treat or when your dog is not feeling well and needs some encouragement to eat. So, before you share your next meal or snack with your dog, be sure that you are giving the dog food that he or she can enjoy safely.