Foods With Negative Calories – Will They Help You Lose Weight?

What if you could find certain foods that will help you with weight loss just by eating them? Foods with negative calories do exist and can help you lose weight even without dieting or exercise.

The problem with some of these foods is that we tend to load them up with flavor enhancers that are high in calories. Think broccoli or asparagus with hollandaise sauce, celery and carrots dipped in blue cheese or ranch dressing, spinach with bacon dressing, etc. By eating them in this way, the whole value is lost.

It is hard to control yourself from adding these extra touches to the plain foods, but if you really want to get results from eating food from the negative calorie foods list, you’ll find the will power to do it.

Foods with negative calories result in weight loss because the amount of energy your body uses by eating and digesting them is higher than the calories they contain, and also because of the rise in metabolism that these foods naturally create.

Energy is measured in calories, so just eating a carrot, for example, will cause your body to expend more energy to digest it, than the calories the carrot actually contains. As long as you understand that it isn’t that the carrot doesn’t have any calories, it does, it’s just that you end up with an overall loss of calories by eating it.

Please be careful, though, because even though it’s possible for a person to lose a lot of weight by consuming foods with negative calories, it’s important to remember that your body also needs protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in order to remain healthy and function at an optimal level. Your body won’t function optimally and stay healthy if you eat only these foods.