Wine & Cheese? No, Thanks! Beer Goes Better With Cheese

Whenever you see a wedge of cheese or a plateful of different gourmet cheeses, you are sure to find a bottle or two of wine. This is quite true of most photos found in food magazines and even as features or screen shots on food-related TV shows. Cheese goes with wine. Period. But have you ever wondered why you just love munching on your favorite pizza smothered with extra cheese while drinking beer? Or smacking all of your fingers after putting a mouthful of nachos drizzled with cheese and making it go down with beer? Got it? Oh, YES! It’s because cheese goes better with beer!

Cheese and beer have contrasting and complementing tastes that create a new kind of combination for your taste buds. Since both cheese and beer are fermented, beer tends to echo the flavors found in cheese, and thus, it is easier to pair cheese with beer. Unlike with beer, pairing cheese with different wines can be tricky. Experts say that beer complements the taste of cheese and vice versa because both are produced in farms and have the earthy, musty and yeasty kind of characteristics that can blend well together. The cheese and beer combo can actually be traced back to the Middle Ages in Belgium when monks produced cheese and beer of excellent quality. This pair was part of their daily diet and source of income. Nowadays, when you order beer in a bar in Belgium it will surely be accompanied with a small bowl of cubed semi-soft cheese sprinkled with celery salt.

Cheese and beer have the most harmonious match and balance because beer is less acidic than wine thus giving your taste buds a better chance of appreciating the rich taste of cheese. However, similar to the rules in pairing wines with cheese, there are several guidelines you need to take note of when preparing beer with cheese.

  • Rich and fruity beer – must be paired with extra sharp cheddar or Mascarpone which is a formless cheese usually used for desserts and sauces.
  • Lighter beer or lager such as Harpoon Pilsner, Radeberger and Stella Artios – can be paired with mild cheddar, Monterey Jack, American Cheese, Muenster or Havarti.
  • Wheat beer – goes best with feta and goat cheese or any pungent cheese. Dark beer or lagers – are paired with Swiss cheese, gruyere or emmental cheese.
  • Hoppy pale ales – goes best with parmesan, romano or spicy cheddar cheese.
  • International beer – pair with cheese from the same region or country where it came from.

One very important tip to remember when pairing beer and cheese is to complement tastes. Mild beers go with mild cheese and robust beers go with robust cheese.

Russian Foods With Stuffed Hard-Boiled Eggs

Stuffed and devilled eggs have got to be the most popular party snack of all time! Some version of this easy, quick and tasty dish exists in most cultures. Add eggs, and most of your dishes become tastier, and more filling. Stuffed food using hard boiled eggs can be your quick fix solution to making your meals more interesting, or filling in a pinch.

Russian stuffed eggs

There are as many different Russian stuffed eggs recipes as there are grandmothers, and most families have their own version which is handed down from one generation to the next. Mushrooms are commonly used for stuffing hard boiled eggs, to make a wonderful and tasty appetizer or snack for your party. Other Russian households make devilled eggs with hard boiled eggs stuffed with cheese and vegetables. Others might prefer more high brow or exotic ingredients like caviar, salmon, or finely chopped bacon.

Hard boiled eggs in Pirozhki

These are small flaky buns, that are usually stuffed with either meat or fruit. These buns are a popular, traditional, Russian snack. Although most people stuff them, most often, with mince or fruits and vegetables, you can make a mean pirozhki by substituting the filling with hard boiled eggs. In both sweet and savory fillings, a substitution or addition of eggs is possible.

Sweet or savory stuffings

The sweet pirozhki often contain fresh or stewed fruit, like apples, cherries, and apricots, either by themselves or combined with cottage cheese, or jam. Whether these will go well with eggs is your decision. Take a call on what combination of tastes you want, before you incorporate the eggs. The savory version on the other hand lends itself well to eggs, complementing the meat, fish, vegetables, oatmeal, or rice that are the common fillings.

Blini stuffed with hard boiled eggs

You can change and experiment with many other kinds of common Russian foods with the addition of hard boiled eggs. These crepes can be turned into savory rolls with the addition of this extra touch. Once you have the crepes made, in the usual way, for example, you can set them aside to prepare the stuffing. Think about all the ways in which you want to dress the dish up, add body, or make the serving a more rounded meal. Diced onions, shredded carrot, shredded cabbage, garlic, chives, and herbs care all good additions to the stuffing.

Making stuffed Blini

To make the stuffing, sauté the onions in a frying pan until they are golden, add your other ingredients, like carrots, cabbage, finely chopped peppers. When the cabbage softens, mix the eggs and the garlic and herb into the stuffing. Season to taste and set it aside to cool. Fold the cooled stuffing into the crepes, and serve. Alternatively you can fry these stuffed crepes till they are golden brown and crispy on both sides.

Pamper Your Loved Ones With Cheese Gifts

Celebrating any occasion in style is easily possible with cheese gifts provided as exciting gifts. There are several gift ideas available online through which you will be able to find the best options available for you to prefer. Imported cheeses are considered to ideal for the purpose of gifting. Regarded as the most opted choices for any occasion, you will be able to impress your loved ones instantly with such gifts. If you are attending an event marked with a marriage anniversary or a casual do such as a birthday party, then the best way to catch the attention of others is the precious gourmet gifts you give away.

Cheshire cheese is in great demand that it is chosen for almost every occasion. People are found celebrating with this famed variety of cheese along with a wide range of products in a delicious manner. Exciting feelings could be experienced with the help of those cheese varieties that look good to taste as well. Never compromise with the quality offered because of the availability of popular brands that are vying to offer the best cheese products to customers across the world. Attractive offers too are provided on those varieties that are known to pamper you a lot.

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Such is the popularity of cheese-based products that no party will be held without their inclusion. Make merry with your friends on a memorable occasion such as a birthday party. Kids would love to indulge into food eating competitions when their favorite food products are included in the form of various cheese varieties. Popular recipes that are found in the menu of star hotels too are not void of cheese. Gift shops, bakeries and confectionaries are busy with orders related to those products based on gourmet cheese. Make your loved persons feel special with the provision of luxury cheese gifts along with all the love you shower upon them.