Replacing Animal Based Foods With Vegetarian Foods

One of the more popular trends occurring worldwide is the switch to vegetarian based foods. While some people who make the switch aren’t 100% vegetarians, they are certainly more aware of the foods they are eating. If you would like to make the switch here is a list of the most commonly substituted vegetarian foods.

Animal Proteins

There are several vegetarian foods available to take the place of meat. Depending on what you want to replace, here are some suggestions.

Steak can be replaced with baked Portobello mushrooms. The taste very similar to streak with the same texture and juiciness.

Chicken can be replaced by tofu in a number of dishes especially if those dishes are stir fried.

TVP or textured vegetable protein comes in small dry checks and look like dried vegetables. Made of soy, they cook quickly supplying vegetable protein without the unnecessary fat. TVP is mainly used to replace meats in stews and soups. It’s widely available in supermarkets and natural food stores.

Eggplants can be prepared by stuffing, roasting, grilled or fried (NO FRIED FOODS) and can replace meat with relative ease.

Mmm… Beans

Soybeans provide the perfect building blocks you need to build muscle by eating several difference vegetable proteins together. The combinations include rice and beans or yogurt and chopped nuts.

Some of the best nonmeat sources of protein are legumes (dried peas and beans), nuts, and seeds. Be careful with the nuts and seeds as they add fat. Here are few nonmeat sources that provide the same amount of protein in an ounce of animal protein.

¼ cup of sunflower or pumpkin seeds

1/3 cup of pecan, peanuts, almonds or any other nuts

½ cup of cooked dry beans

½ cup of baked beans

½ cup of tofu


If going vegan is your thing you’re going to want to avoid dairy products. This means replacing cheeses. There are a variety of vegan cheeses available in your supermarket that taste like cheddar, mozzarella and Monterey jack. Crumbled tofu is a good substitute for cottage cheese and ricotta cheese. Tofu cream cheese is available to replace regular cream cheese

Any of the cheeses above can be used when you need to melt cheese like on pizzas and in sauces.

Cow’s Milk

Soy milk easily replaces cow’s milk. It’s created by soaking and cleaning soy beans overnight, pureeing them, straining the solids out and then the liquid is boiled for 10 minutes. I’m sure you have seen soy milk sitting next to the cow’s milk at the supermarket.

· Some of the benefits of soy milk are

· More protein and fiber than cow’s milk

· It has isoflavones which are thought to prevent cancers, heart disease and osteoporosis.

· Contains 2 percent fat with zero cholesterol

· Older women can use soy milk to reduce menopause symptoms like hot flashes

The downside to soy is that it doesn’t contain any calcium. You’ll need to get it from somewhere else. That’s easy if you grab some almonds or green leafy vegetables.

Chocolate Milk

It’s been well documented that there are benefits to eating dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains flavonols which may help protect you from cancer. However, milk chocolate doesn’t have the same benefit because milk proteins bind to those flavonols making them unavailable. Cocoa is naturally bitter (ever tasted cocoa powder?) so sugar or high fructose corn syrup is added to milk chocolate to sweeten it.

An alternative to milk chocolate is the caffeine-free substitute known as Carob. Carob comes from the fruit of carob trees. Carob trees are generally found in the Middle East and Mediterranean. The powder format is what is generally used as the substitute and its high in fiber. Be careful though as Carob contains just as many calories as chocolate.

Replacing Mayonnaise

A lot of people like to load mayonnaise on their sandwiches. What they don’t realize is mayonnaise is basically pure fat. Keep in mind that it’s not all bad fat but it’s still around 50 calories per tablespoon. Those calories will add up quick! A quick and easy way to replace egg based mayonnaise is to replace it with tofu mayonnaise. If you Google “tofu mayonnaise recipe” there are really good varieties out there that you can try but my favorite are any that are made with garlic and Dijon mustard.

No more eggs

This one is easy. There are a number of egg substitutes out there. Some of them even have veggies mixed into them. The hardest part about getting rid of eggs is they are used in baking a lot of recipes. Again, Google “replacing eggs in baking” and you’ll find some good alternatives. Again, this one is tough.

Replace sour cream

Like mayonnaise, sour cream is packed full of fats. However, sour cream is mostly bad, saturated fats. Replacing it with a tofu based recipe is the answer here if you’re vegan because vegetarians will simply add some yogurt. Google “tofu sour cream” for some really good recipes. Tofu sour cream usually has some lemon juice and vinegar to give it the “sour” taste.

Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Non-dairy ice creams have been around for a long time. You’ll probably notice a few them: gelato (ooh, so good!), sorbet and fudgesicles. There are some soy based ice creams that are tasty as well. You can even make your own. Paletas are an awesome way to not only cool down but get your fresh fruits and veggies as well. Make sure you substitute the cow’s milk with soy milk!

Replacing your everyday foods with vegetarian choices is very easy and simple to do. It will take some adjusting and learning but if you’re truly dedicated to becoming a vegetarian then this should get you started!

How to Stop Wanting the Extra Food With Isabel Diet Solution

It is believed that the root cause of weight problems has to do with us not being taught how to effectively take care of ourselves when we are children…mostly because our parents probably didn’t have the skills needed to nurture our eating habits. This is why we are seeing obesity running in a family, most probably not because it is genetic, but because we are passing bad skills to our children. Please do not get me wrong by blaming our parents or grand-parents for the weight problem that we are facing now.

To stop wanting the extra food, we can learn the skill of strong nurturing, effective limits, body pride, good health, balanced eating, and a mastery of living – changing our eating habits right away. If we just diet and exercise, and not taking care of the root problem that is causing us to overeat in the first place, then we are only treating the symptom and not the problem. If we are seriously treating the problem then the symptom and the problem will go away as well.

Here are a few tips to help you control the urge to overeat:

1. Have a good light breakfast

Start your day right with a good light healthy breakfast, such as two hard boiled eggs, sprouted grain toast or oatmeal with almond butter and half a grapefruit or a green apple. Protein should be included in every meal throughout the day and breakfast is no exception according to nutritionist, Isabel De Los Rios from Isabel Diet Solution. Make sure to include organic eggs, cottage cheese, raw nut butter or smoked fish as one component of your healthy breakfast.

2. Do not skip meals

Skipping meals does not help in weight loss because it increases your tendency to overeat is very high during the next meal.

3. Drink water

Drinking water either before or after a meal will help you to eat less. Sometimes when you think you are hungry, in fact your body may actually be dehydrated and all you need is a glass of water.

4. Eat “whole foods” as much as possible but in moderation

Whole foods are foods that are unprocessed or unrefined. Examples include unpolished grains, fruit and vegetables, unprocessed meat, poultry and fish, and non-homogenized milk. This will help you to take away added salt, sugar or unwanted preservative in processed food such as sausages.

5. Sit down and enjoy your foods slowly

Eating too quickly can cause to miss out bodies signal that were are getting full, causing us to overeat until we are bloated. You should really taste your food so you can savour every mouthful of nature’s produce.

6. Do not eat and drink at the same time

Eating and drinking at the same time will dilute the digestive enzymes and stomach acids making digestion more difficult for the body. If you really need to drink then do it an hour earlier.

7. Add a salad to your diet every day

Whenever possible make your own dressing instead of buying commercial ones. One such tasty dressing that I found out lately is olive oil and lemon juice, simply mix them together and you get a tasty, healthy dressing.

To eat in moderation and listen to your body is the key to control your food and calorie intake and it will help to stop wanting the extra food which you do not need. Learn the secrets of wanting less by asking more of this healthy lifestyle by visiting this website.

Russian Foods With Stuffed Hard-Boiled Eggs

Stuffed and devilled eggs have got to be the most popular party snack of all time! Some version of this easy, quick and tasty dish exists in most cultures. Add eggs, and most of your dishes become tastier, and more filling. Stuffed food using hard boiled eggs can be your quick fix solution to making your meals more interesting, or filling in a pinch.

Russian stuffed eggs

There are as many different Russian stuffed eggs recipes as there are grandmothers, and most families have their own version which is handed down from one generation to the next. Mushrooms are commonly used for stuffing hard boiled eggs, to make a wonderful and tasty appetizer or snack for your party. Other Russian households make devilled eggs with hard boiled eggs stuffed with cheese and vegetables. Others might prefer more high brow or exotic ingredients like caviar, salmon, or finely chopped bacon.

Hard boiled eggs in Pirozhki

These are small flaky buns, that are usually stuffed with either meat or fruit. These buns are a popular, traditional, Russian snack. Although most people stuff them, most often, with mince or fruits and vegetables, you can make a mean pirozhki by substituting the filling with hard boiled eggs. In both sweet and savory fillings, a substitution or addition of eggs is possible.

Sweet or savory stuffings

The sweet pirozhki often contain fresh or stewed fruit, like apples, cherries, and apricots, either by themselves or combined with cottage cheese, or jam. Whether these will go well with eggs is your decision. Take a call on what combination of tastes you want, before you incorporate the eggs. The savory version on the other hand lends itself well to eggs, complementing the meat, fish, vegetables, oatmeal, or rice that are the common fillings.

Blini stuffed with hard boiled eggs

You can change and experiment with many other kinds of common Russian foods with the addition of hard boiled eggs. These crepes can be turned into savory rolls with the addition of this extra touch. Once you have the crepes made, in the usual way, for example, you can set them aside to prepare the stuffing. Think about all the ways in which you want to dress the dish up, add body, or make the serving a more rounded meal. Diced onions, shredded carrot, shredded cabbage, garlic, chives, and herbs care all good additions to the stuffing.

Making stuffed Blini

To make the stuffing, sauté the onions in a frying pan until they are golden, add your other ingredients, like carrots, cabbage, finely chopped peppers. When the cabbage softens, mix the eggs and the garlic and herb into the stuffing. Season to taste and set it aside to cool. Fold the cooled stuffing into the crepes, and serve. Alternatively you can fry these stuffed crepes till they are golden brown and crispy on both sides.